Tired of running around your kids to force them to switch off the lights?

Tired of running around your kids to force them to switch off the lights?

by Niyati Mehta

I know how you feel.

Isn’t that something they should’ve picked up by now?

Well, children are extremely impressionable, except when they’re yelled at or forced to do things. We want to take up a happier, and softer approach when we’re dealing with them. No one appreciates anger!

Children always forget to switch off the lights. Believe me, I know! We as parents end up doing that 10 times a day. To fix that, there’s a nudge we have come up with that you can use at home very easily!

The worm is cut, when the light button is on.

Children relate most to cartoons and animals. Hence, the worm being cut will leave an impression on their minds that it’s wrong. To ensure that the worm is always safe, they will switch off the light as much as possible.

All we have to do is gently remind them from time to time.

So instead of saying, “Toby, did you leave the light on again?” – We can use a more positive attitude and say, “Toby, you know that the button might be hurting your worm right?” And that instant sadness will make them run up and switch it off to save their little worms!

It instills cognitive learning implementing colors associated with the names of the bug. It is a better communicative interactive approach for the parents.

So, let us join and push the worms to safety!
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