Tick Tock Its Sleep O’clock!-

Tick Tock Its Sleep O’clock!-

A fun product to have in the house

Healthy sleep habits should be inculcated early on in life. Children may wake up a few or multiple times a night for various reasons and putting them back to bed can get chaotic. Here are a few ingeniously designed alarm clocks that provide simple visual and auditory enhancements to the sleep environment of your little one. The result – Both your child and you slowly get accustomed to a daily sleep routine with minimal resistance and confrontation.
by Niyati Mehta

1. My Tot Clock (My Toddler Clock)
This fun clock has five color settings for different times in your child’s schedule – bedtime, wake time, nap time, playtime and timeout. Based on your settings the clock indicates to your child when it is time for them to sleep, stay in bed or awaken for the day. Among other features, it also plays bedtime stories, lullabies, white noise, and upbeat songs for your toddler at appropriate times.

Ideal nudge intervention for ages 3 to 5 when you want to enable the body clock of your child to follow your set sleep routine each day.




 2.Little Hippo Mella
Studies have shown that children do not fully understand the concept of time up until the age of 8. Mella has a digital display that uses light and facial expressions to communicate with kids. A sleepy face with low light means its time for bed and a brightly lit, smiley says its time to wake up. This enables you both to follow a set routine minus any external enforcement.

Ideal nudge intervention for ages 5 to 8 when you want to explain to your child the significance of following a routine in everyday life and prepare him to start becoming independent.


3.Clocky for Kids
This alarm clock named the Clocky is perfect for your energetic tween, ringing aloud and rolling away when it’s time to wake up. Chase it down to shut it off – talk about giving your child a wakeup call!

Ideal Nudge Intervention for ages 9 and up, this product is probably the most fun way to get your grumpy pre-teen up and about in the morning and set for the day ahead.


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