The Performance Chart for Parents

The Performance Chart for Parents

…and developing thinking for children 

September 8 is International Literacy Day, and this year, we at NFK have created our very own parental performance chart for you. The chart breaks down the ABC of parenting, reminding you of NFK’s positive parenting approach, even amidst the chaos of your everyday life. 

Acceptance – love is powerful & positive 

Be Gentle –a point can be made even in a soft voice 

Conversations – the foundation of a real connection 

Discipline – Show and teach, don’t preach  

Empower – so you can watch them jump over hurdles 

Freedom –to make mistakes, learn and grow

Grounded attitude – the path that leads to success 

Have empathy – find mutually beneficial solutions

Imbibe values – they guide through the toughest roads

Journey with love – for a forever kind of bond

Kindness – always makes a difference

Learn & Grow – there’s a whole world to discover

Mentor vigilantly- you are your child’s 24×7 teacher

No Labels – respecting little people with big feelings 

Optimistic approach – spread the power of positivity 

Pay attention – non-verbal communication speaks a lot

Quality Time – it means digital free time

Respect– it’s a give and take agreement 

Subtle push – nagging is no fun for anyone

Team spirit – you are both on the same side 

Understanding – it’s what bridges a generation gap

Value good qualities – establish value systems that last for life

Weight of Words – once uttered cannot be taken back

eXpert Advice – do not hesitate to for help when it comes to the welfare of your child 

You too – because happy parents = a happy child 

Zero stress– with children, be childlike!

So each time you follow the ABC of parenting, ask your child to reward you with a star on that column! NFK says it’s time for all your parents to be a nudging star. 

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