The Leafy Green Washing Machine

The Leafy Green Washing Machine

by Laura Hoover
Dark, leafy greens are nutrient-rich, but typically aren’t a part of kids’ normal mealtime routines. Giving kids lots of opportunities to play with greens can help increase the chances that they’ll eventually choose to eat them.

The “Leafy Greens Washing Machine” game is a simple hands-on activity that works well for even young kids.

  1. Fill the kitchen sink half-way with water and add leafy greens.
  2. Tell your child to be the washing machine and spin the leaves around.

Now it’s time to add the leaves to the “drying machine.”

The words below are little nudges-visual cues towards positive choices you create for your children

  1. Line a Ziploc bag with paper towers
  2. Shake off the greens and add them to the Ziploc; seal the bag.
  3. Tell your child to whip the bag around his head like a lasso.

Your child may or may not choose to take a bite of the greens this time around, but the more hands-on nudges your child gets, the more tempting the greens will become.

Either way, you now have your greens washed and dried for dinner, making this nudge a win-win activity.

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