The Season for Loving and Learning

The Season for Loving and Learning

Christmas is the season for merriment, giving, wishing and loving. It’s that time of the year where you give your hectic, fast-paced life a break and make time for traditions, customs and most importantly, family. But at NFK we think that the festive seasons with all its merriment, celebrations and traditions are nudging you to understand some essential life lessons. Don’t believe us? Read on to know how…

Decorating your Xmas Tree 

Nudge – Even in a family, everyone has their sensibilities and way of life. So every once in a while it’s completely okay to revel in that chaos. 

Parents get used to being sticklers for rules in a home. You build a routine, manage schedules, keep everyone’s lives on track and ensure that each day runs smoothly for everyone, particularly your child. But once in a while, it’s good to take a break and let everyone do their thing. Think of how your family decorates the Christmas tree at home each year. While your son may love to put up all the multicoloured baubles, your daughter may love doing up the tree with shiny ornaments. And your spouse may only want to use endless rows of streamers all around the tree. The result though is always a mix up that’s beautiful. Here the process of decorating the tree and the fun moments it brings is what counts. You never really worry too much about how your decorated tree would look like to an outsider. Think of life with your family just like that. What anyone thinks of your family unit becomes irrelevant as long as you and your children learn to give each other the space to grow, learn and explore life as individuals too.

1.Its Snowman Time

Nudge – Perfection is overrated. Looking beyond the imperfections is what makes life beautiful.

Building a snowman from the ground up is one of the oldest, most beloved Christmas traditions of all time that allows the family to bond together. The fun in building that snowman comes from the fact that you don’t care about how perfect it looks. It’s the process of creating it – the laughter, sneaking snow into each other’s clothes or even watching the snowman topple over when built wrong – that brings the real joy. Think of the parenting process with your child just like that. It may be joyous sometimes and turbulent others, but don’t focus on making your child a perfect little person. Accept their imperfections and work your way around it just like they will learn to do with you. Or should we say keep trying, bit-by-bit to make your imperfect snowman, and before you know it, it’ll be standing there tall and proud looking right back at you. 

2.The Epic Snowball Showdown 

Nudge – Live carefree and in the moment. Stop worrying about the future.

Remember how your childhood Christmases were incomplete without an entertaining snow fight that involved your whole family? From grandparents to parents, children, aunts and uncles – those were a few hours when everyone forgot everything and became childlike. If you’ve ever had a snowball fight with your children, that’s the same childish exuberance and cheerfulness that you’ve relived, and at NFK we think that’s how you should live life sometimes. Minus the hassle or worry for the future – live in the moment and make the most of now. 

Some unique family traditions that make your Christmas celebrations that little more unique or fun? Share them with us on our NFK social media handles (FB/Twitter/Insta) and help spread the merriment. 

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