Chronis Lalas

Chronis Lalas

Behavioral Economist and Nudge Researcher

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Chronis Lalas is a Behavioral Economist who is researching and publishing about the applications of Behavioral Economics in the real world.

His vision is to inspire students and the young generation to have a better understanding in Decision Making.

As a Nudge Researcher, he believes that nudges, could have a positive behavioral impact on children’s lives, and also guide parents to adopt an alternative way of thinking! He has the overall responsibility in finding various possibilities of the application and identification of nudges.

He founded Nudge Unit Greece in order to introduce Behavioral Economics in Greece and show how effective this field could be in the real world with the applications of Nudges.

His work has been published, amongst others, in the Online Political and Economic Newspaper ‘The European Sting’, the online publication platform ‘The Decision Lab’ and he has been featured in the ‘Economic Rockstar’ show.

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