Summer holidays coming up…time to DECLUTTER!

Summer holidays coming up…time to DECLUTTER!

by Niyati Mehta

If you’re in a hurry, you only have to read this:

To motivate your child to clean up:

  1. Take a whiteboard, poster, or laminated sheet
  2. Write:
    STEP 1: Put away your toys
    STEP 2: Let’s go swimming!
    and so on with different colors.

The idea is you’re nudging them to clean up and then they can do something they enjoy after. After every cluttering task put or add fun stuff. Without them realizing they will do it. Prepare it with them every week but do not highlight or state that a fun activity is being added. This is a NUDGE- ACTIVITY BASED NUDGE.

If you have time, keep reading to see why you should want your kids to tidy up:


It is a simple fact that the environment surrounding a person subconsciously impacts the way they behave or think. The worst thing is that children do not realize that clutter inhibits them by…

1.over stimulating their mind

2.disrupting focus

3.frustrating them if they cannot find something within the mess

4.signaling that work is incomplete

The worst effect of clutter is that it enables the bad habit of leaving a task incomplete:

First: Your child does not finish cleaning up their playing space.

Second: They clutter their workspace, hindering productivity and achievement.

Third: The idea of leaving a task incomplete becomes a habit, and later in life, they are unable to accomplish goals and important tasks.

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