How scheduling as a habit for children enhances productivity?

How scheduling as a habit for children enhances productivity?

by Niyati Mehta, research and findings assisted by Amnah Ahmad (Intern)

That morning panic of where are my books and what should I wear are completely unnecessary! Parents and kids agitatedly and frowningly land up going to school and work. Days passes, but a little frowning impact stays on. If repeatedly reoccurring, the pleasant memories of mornings disappear before the start of the day.  This experience builds and the mornings or even the end of the day these unhappy experience lingers at the back of the mind of parents and kids.

Parents wanting to establish and kids running away from it if persistently directed. Can this be completely avoided? Suggestive nudges…..

Is it possible to overcome the habit?

Survival Guide to Weekday Mornings:

  1. Create 5 spaces and label them for every day of the week. These “spaces” can be boxes, drawers, piles or anything separately laid out.
  2. In these spaces keep everything your kids need for that day of the week (clothes, textbooks etc).
  3. Somewhere visible on each space keep a list of things you may need to add to the spaces such as lunchbox, homework or instrument.c2c6c7231b4cbf6c835713bcc7d9ea92

★Elementary Kids ages are driven more to visuals and can relate better when things are shown. Words speaks as images.
Having everything laid out and prepared from before hand will make mornings easier and will ensure your kids are more prepared for school and daily activities.