Santa Nudge: Help your kid to see equality and connect with other kids

Santa Nudge: Help your kid to see equality and connect with other kids

by Kaelan O’Fallon

The countdown to Christmas is on, and gifts for your kids are probably on your mind. Soon, the time will come to wrap them up and decide: which ones will be from you, and which ones will be from Santa?

Presents from Santa are a fun and magical part of Christmas, but there may be more serious factors to consider. This nudge is not a visual, but rather a special way of planning Christmas that will benefit your children, the kids around them, and yourself.

The nudge is simple: when labeling your gifts either from you or from Santa, leave the smaller ones to Saint Nick, and have the bigger or more expensive ones be from you. This serves a few helpful purposes.

Many parents cannot afford the latest or biggest gifts for their kids. When “Santa” gives one child an Xbox and another child socks, it has a negative impact on both kids and their parents. Having “Santa” give your child something simpler (note: not completely lame, as you still want it to be exciting of course) will protect other parents and kids from an uncomfortable or hurtful situation, and help your child to see equality and better connect with other kids.

Plus, you’re the one who put in all the time, effort, and money to buy your child their presents! Santa is a special and fun tradition, but let yourself have some credit for all the work and thought you put into making Christmas special for your kids.

They’ll be sure to thank you.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!!