The Recycling Game Nudge

The Recycling Game Nudge

by Kaelan O’Fallon

Good habits start at home. You can build skills with your child that they will carry with them into the world. The trick is to make the right choice something fun!

The Nudge: Turn cleaning and recycling into a 3-steps game!

  1. Fix a small basketball hoop over your trash can and recycling bin. These can be purchased for a few dollars, or made from paper plates.
  2. Tell your children how the game works: everyone gets one point for each piece of waste thrown away in the correct bin.
  3. Make a scoreboard to keep track of points, then award a prize when your child reaches 20 points! This can be a sticker, a sweet treat, extra TV time, or whatever would make a good reward for your unique child.
Happy recycling!
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