Product of the Month – Augmented Reality Apps

Product of the Month – Augmented Reality Apps

Augmented Reality Apps – Beyond Snap chat and Pokemon Go, intelligent augmented reality apps can make for great learning tools for your child, giving him/ her some productive screen time.  From astronomy to geography, mythology and wildlife habitats, here are four augmented reality apps are nudging children to learn by making learning fun. 

•    Star Walk 2 – Designed to encourage casual observers of the night sky, this one has plenty of information for those with a keen interest in astronomy as well. 

NFK recommends this app for –It makes the night sky look breathtakingly beautiful and more accessible to teenagers who aren’t very excited about walking around with an old school telescope. Just organize a night camping outdoors and explore the app with your teen.

•    Geo Walk – an interactive atlas that helps your child explore the world, helping them discover over 500 places, animals, plants, people, and events.

NFK recommends this app for – Is your tween curious to know more about the world and brimming with questions about different cultures, famous people or landmark world events?  Perfect for the little explorers and trivia buffs who may not have the patience to sit with an authentic atlas as they can get their info on the go.  

•    Zookazam – an app that allows your child to interact with 3d animals and know fun facts about each animal species, their vital stats, and the habitats they survive in, among other information. 

NFK recommends this app for – This one is great for toddlers and younger children who are obsessed with animals from around the world. Unlike a lot of other animal based apps, this one is very detailed and includes sounds effects that make the whole viewing experience exciting for young kids. 

•    Quiver – A fun app. Parents can print scenes of dragons, fishes and other creatures. Get children to colour theses and then when you view them with the app, the scenes come to life. The fish swim and dragons fly!  

NFK recommends this app for – This one is fun for the whole family. The next time your kids sulk about a no gadgets night, explore this app as a fun family activity involving everyone around. 

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