To inculcate and encourage the good habit of reading and interactive, communicative reading with parents with physical books through visual choice architecture encouraging a dialogue of reading.



• Types of Nudges used: Motivational, attractive, interactive, hands on, creative, framing effect, etc.

• Brief: Reading out of physical books is not always a habit that Generation Now gravitates towards thanks to the advent of technology and gadgets. We attempted to bring about a fun visual which would help prompt children towards wanting to read a physical book rather than from the screen of a cell phone or a tablet.

• Process: This was the making of the caterpillar bookmark christened at NFK as the Chapterpillar. The legs of the caterpillar can be folded at multiple places and signify the number of pages read. All the legs have a place where you can write and rewrite page numbers so that it can be sued across multiple books.

• Solution:A larger than life paper caterpillar which couples as a bookmark attracts children towards the book in which it is placed. By having foldable legs, it automatically becomes interactive allowing children to have more fun with it while they inadvertently read more and more of the book.