Nudging Children to Grow and Not Just Age

Nudging Children to Grow and Not Just Age

Empathy, kindness, positivity, endurance and a never-give-up attitude – these are life lessons that we cannot impart to our children by simply spouting words of wisdom to them. These are lessons that we subconsciously nudge them to learn and imbibe in them because of the attitude that we as parents carry with us. These are lessons that they learn from what we speak, even when we are not actually speaking to them.  Here are 5 negative thoughts that we have all voiced at some point and here’s what they actually sound like to your children:

When you say – Oh my God! I can’t do this anymore. 

Your child understands – When the going gets tough I can throw my hands up and not even try anymore. 

When you child says – Why does this always happen to me?

Your child understands – When things don’t go my way it’s all right to wallow in self pity instead of taking charge and making the best of any situation. 

When you say – This is hopeless.

Your child understands – If things turn really, really bad then getting out of the situation is impossible. 

When you say– This is the way it is…deal with it.

Your child understands – If I don’t get my way I don’t give in or understand another perspective. Only when things go my way do I win. 

When you say – I/dad/aunty/grandpa always stood first or were the best at sports/studies/extracurricular activities. 

Your child understands – Being second best is not good enough and being the best is of utmost importance. 

Do you have any such thoughts/ words or phrases you want to share with us? Write in to us at and share your stories/thoughts and experiences with us. 

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