Nudge Yourself to take a Momcation

Nudge Yourself to take a Momcation

Been dreaming of a solo holiday, but stopped short by a bad case of mom’s guilt? Well don’t be because solo mom vacations or momcations as we call them, can be a time for respite and relaxations for all us overworked mothers. Here are some tips to help you make the most of your momcation:

-Start local and go global. Make your first solo holiday close to home so that you don’t get to worked up about being away from your children. Slowly start exploring options away from home as you flex and develop your travel muscles. 

Explore mind, body & soul. Fill up your cup of energy so that you go back home more stress-free and invigorated. Meditate, eat well, do yoga, let your hair down and party or simply catch up on all that overdue sleep. Just remember to make the trip all about you.

Limit phone time. The mom guilt doesn’t completely go away, but being on the phone all the time or constantly being anxious about the situation back home doesn’t help you or your child. In fact it defeats the very purpose of a solo vacation, so try limiting your phone time with home to once a day.

And if you’re still in two minds don’t be. Without mommy around to supervise screentime or limit the consumption of sugary treats, your little one will probably enjoy your time away from home much more than you think!

Experienced a solo holiday of your own? Share your momcation picture on NFK’s social media handles with #takeamomcation and inspire other moms to travel your way.

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