“Mum, I’ve been trying since so long, I can’t get the answer!”

“Mum, I’ve been trying since so long, I can’t get the answer!”

by Stacey Schmick Shoecraft M. Ed

I can’t tell you how often my children say that to me. We need a motivation that makes them focus better.

Here’s when bodily activities help. Studies say that your mind works better if other body movements distract it. You drive better with music on, similarly your child can focus better with couple of some suggestions as below.

  1. Walking around for 10-15 minutes
  2. Taking a 5 minutes running break
  3. Doing a chore in the house
  4. Giving the children to do something that has been on their mind

At Home : involve your child and make him part of doing a chore, quick water break so he/she can run down, you can go with him/her to get the laundry out and bring it where you again start the studies, get involved in their activity which has been lingering in his/her mind…..anything and everything that connects you but brings movement/motion

At School: We have a easier solution tables with built in cycles – so your child studies, moves together, which enforces focus and concentration!