Mom’s the word!

Mom’s the word!

Mom comes first!

by Niyati Mehta

As a parent of two children, a wife, a nudge behavioral designer and professor, I’ve had years of experience being a “do-it-all” mom, putting myself and my needs last. I was a mom to young children in an era before mental health and wellness were openly discussed online and in living rooms. An era where conversations around motherhood were limited to the mental and physical well-being of the child. We thought to allow ourselves to be sucked dry emotionally, mentally and physically was all part of the motherhood experience.
It took me years to realize that when we, as mothers and women, are less happy, we are far less effective in our different roles of life. More dangerous is the fact that we are setting up our children, especially our daughters, to follow the same pattern, thereby damaging a new generation of mothers who come after us.

Today the conversations around motherhood have changed. But are moms completely rid of the belief that they stand last in their lives? Not entirely. That’s why this Mother’s Day NFK has decided to begin a movement, a change of thought that compels us to ask ourselves that crucial question that we always ask our children: It’s now time that we as mums ask the question, “What do we need?” That we nudge ourselves in the right direction so that we may lead the way for our children, our families, and the organizations we work in.

  • #Nudgeforfitness
    (for new moms with kids below 3
    Gift yourself an innovative alarm clock – something like a Clocky – to literally get you moving each day. A running or flying alarm clock that you have to chase down to stop is the perfect motivation for new moms looking to get back in shape.
  • #Nudgeforcreativity
    (for moms with kids age 4 to 10)

    Join a hobby class. The class could be anything from painting or pottery to playing the piano to learning salsa. Start pursuing a hobby you’ve always wanted to take up and channelize your inner creativity to go beyond your child’s school projects.
  • #Nudgeforleisure
    (for moms with kids age 10-15)

    Book yourself a relaxing spa or even a complete makeover session at the salon. After years of working hard, you surely deserve to look and feel like a queen on this one day of the year.
  • #Nudgeforlove
    (for the home alone moms)

    For moms whose kids have flown the nest, the loneliness is often unbearable. So how about you find a furry friend to love? Take yourself over to a pet café for an afternoon session of love or take a trial session of animal-assisted therapy, a fast-growing form of healing therapy that is working its magic around the world.

This Mother’s Day let’s all get together to tell communities of moms around the world that they deserve to and should come first in their approach to life. It’s time to think, believe and say
#MoMeFirst !