Mind Mapping – an interactive NUDGE

Mind Mapping – an interactive NUDGE

by Niyati Mehta

T-28 @10pm

A mind map is made of words, colors, lines, and pictures. All these creative elements combined together will capture the attention of your kids and motivate them to stay focused on what they’re doing.

Experience based Nudge: The interactive experience provide enjoyment for kids as well as numerous benefits in terms of developing a child’s well-being, school skills and social/behavioral skills. Even more exciting is that playing is not only a fun activity, but it is a great source of learning especially when the play activity or game incorporates educational components and outcomes.

Parents and teachers can use this interactive sessions to pass certain behavior and habit skills in a subtle manner by creating many choices for the children.

Developmental Nudge in 4 different ways
1. Physical Well-being
Movement of body and mind leads to better coordination and attributes such as agility, strength, balance and flexibility.

2. Skill Development
Creative and imaginative way of planning and creates a concept of logical behavior. Stimulating brain and establishes concept of team work, cooperation and thinking of what one wants to do. Child develops and learns to form opinions, respect parents views and also learns how to accommodate certain suggestions.

3. Social Skill Development
The interactive experience of mind mapping promote cooperation and learn how to practice them. It helps them to thoughtfully understand how their own family works and abide by certain rules and regulations. It creates and environment to boost their social skills with opportunity based learning.

4. Forming friendship and life lessons
Discipline, self control are the realities of life which can be instilled.