Make Everday, Make a Difference Day

Make Everday, Make a Difference Day

Philosopher and scientist Ervin Laszlo suggests that “only by redesigning our thinking and acting, not the world around us,” can we solve our problems. Whether through regulation, processes, incentives, policies or structures, mainstream approaches to behaviour change are focusing on external influences with limited effects. For e.g. Recycling paper at work because the recycling bin is closest doesn’t necessarily transfer to recycling paper at home. Nudge design needs to compel a change of heart so that the changed choices people make come from their deepest values and become integral to their lives. At NFK we believe that when it comes to children, leading by example is the most compelling nudge. The way you are as an individual helps shape the belief system, behavior and attitude of your child.  So this Make a Difference Day (4th Saturday of October), let us begin the change right at home. Let’s nudge ourselves to raise children who want to make a difference to the world they live in. 

  1. NFK Tip – Devote a day to a good cause.  Team up with your child to set up a lemonade stand or garage sale in your locality on one Sunday each month.  Ask him/her to choose a charity and donate a percentage of their earnings to it.

NFK Lesson – Don’t be concerned with the monetary value of the donation. Nudge your child to understand that when it comes to a good cause, no contribution is too small and every contribution counts.

2.NFK TipInculcate emotional intelligence. Help children create handmade cards and gifts for birthdays or special occasions in the family. Show your child that a little thought and effort is all it takes to spread joy and happiness to people around.  

NFK Lesson – Nudge your child to realize how happiness multiplies when you share it with those around. Making others happy is a beautiful way to touch lives and make a difference. 

3.NFK Tip –. Think beyond yourself. Use Mother Nature as an example to simplify the concept of sharing resources. Take a small section of the balcony/porch in your home and fill it with potted plants and a bird feeder. Name this section after your child and keep him/her in charge of it. From watering the saplings to refilling the feeder, let your child spend a small part of the day nurturing this area. 

NFK Lesson – Nudge your child to think beyond me, my family and my friends. Teach them to share their strengths and resources with the world so that it can keep evolving into a better, safer, happier place for all mankind.

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