Let’s be Merry this Christmas!

Let’s be Merry this Christmas!

There is an age old adage that says children learn what they see. And as a parent you have surely experienced for yourself how nothing can be more true. 

So here are 5 small but meaningful gestures you can adopt to nudge your children to understand the true meaning of Christmas. 

1.  Smile at strangers – Smile at the subway ticket checker or a server at a coffee shop because it’s the season to be merry! Great nudge to teach your toddler the concept of kindness to strangers. 

2. Express gratitude – Don’t shy away from thanking your parents, children, siblings or spouse for their small and big contributions to your life. Saying thank-you is a beautiful lesson that only you can nudge your child to learn and imbibe. 

3. Appreciate small efforts – from elaborate home cooked meals to picking the perfect gift for each family member – Christmas is the season for giving. So is there a better time to nudge your child and help them understand that every small effort can and should be appreciated? We think not.

4Love your neighbour– Been too busy to smile or say hello to your elderly neighbour on a daiy basis? Change that. Bake a batch of cookies or buy a nice bottle of wine for him/her. It’s a great nudge to help your child understand that nice neighbours should not be taken for granted and can be family too!

5. Family comes first – Switch off your mobile phone and shut down your laptop on Christmas day. It’s a great nudge to show your teen that a real world exists outside of the screen and on this day family comes first. 

Wishing you all a truly Merry Christmas from team NFK and hope you make it the season for smiles. 

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