How to move intention of the college students to action oriented automatic to thoughtful approach. Developing a sustainable design for the college campus to encourage recycling and creating awareness amongst college students without much persistent reminders or delegations. Withholding stand alone visual design as “NUDGES”.


• Types of Nudges used: Proximity, location, salience, attractive, noticeable, reachable, easy access, etc.

• Brief: How to persuade the college students to make certain decisions without removing their freedom of choice and giving them the feeling of full control of their decision making power of being a good student and good citizen by keeping campus clean and helping promoting recycling concept.We were tasked to make visual prompts that helped students and staffs, alike, identify what waste belonged to which dustbin.

• Process:We attempted to provide thoughtful nudging with change attitude experience through placement and visual design towards sustainable outcomes. Ho two make recycling easy for the students and motivate them through attractive and noticeable access. How to make this approach clear and simple without too many reminders, emails and texts.

• Solution:Our focus was on vibrant, attractive and noticeable visual cues. Choices intended to be nudged were presented in an interesting, more accessible position, or then presented as the default option. The division of the shopping cart with strong visuals and messaging triggered the user to fill one section with healthier options. Reshaping the future approach with clear, attractive and easily understood visual solutions and developing a herd mentality of follow other students by word of mouth. Cost effective approach.