How to nudge your children to keep their rooms clean

How to nudge your children to keep their rooms clean

It can become quite taxing to tell our children over and over again to clean their rooms, or to keep an eye on them and keep checking if everything is in place.

To solve that problem, there’s an easy nudge that we’ve come up with.

Subconsciously, our child is aware that by not cleaning the room – he or she is wrong. But our yelling at them or forcing them will not generate a good habit, but will lead to defiance.

These eyes work in a fun way since they’re an automatic reminder.

Eventually, our child will start looking at the eyes as a stern reminder, will perhaps start feeling judged by those eyes which will result in him/her cleaning up the room to become guilt-free. But even if the reminder could be stern, the intention is a soft push which is to draw them and motivate to clean the room.

This slight nudge works flawlessly as it focuses on the child’s inner guilt and slightly pushes them to do the right thing!

The best part is that we don’t have to remind them anymore since the eyes truly do all the work for us. Effortlessly effective!