Get Booked – What Do You Do With a Chance?

Get Booked – What Do You Do With a Chance?

By Kobi Yamada & Illustrated by Mae Besom

An enchanting story about a child who isn’t sure what to make of something he comes across one fine day but slowly discovers having the courage to take chances is what creates magic in real life. 

What is it about – In this story the protagonist, a child is visited by his first chance but unsure of what to do, he lets it go. Then again a new chance arrives and this time he reaches for it, but misses and falls. Embarrassed he begins ignoring each new chance that comes by, even though he still wants to take them. Till finally one day he realizes that he doesn’t need to be courageous always, but just at that right moment so that he can take a leap of faith and allow amazing things to happen to him. 

What works – This is a story with a big message and the amazing illustrations add weight to a simple yet strong narrative. Easy to read, follow and understand, the book works for children and adults of all ages. 

What doesn’t work – The concept is a bit abstract, especially for younger children who are used to reading more fictionalised narratives or real life scenarios. This book lies somewhere between the two and parents may need to interpret its message to children in some cases. 

NFK says – Overall this book is a great and definitely a different addition to your child’s collection. 

Please note – This book is the last one in a 3 part series (the other two are titled ‘What do you with an idea,’ and ‘What do you with a problem?’  by the same writer-illustrator duo. While the books have a similar underlying idea, each one can be read standalone as well. 

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