Get Booked –Matilda

Get Booked –Matilda

Written by Roald Dahl & Illustrated by Quentin Blake

A classic that remains so because both its significance and the lessons it teaches never become irrelevant to a new generation of readers. 

Like so many of Roald Dahl’s works, Matilda is a book that many of us have grown up with because the first edition of this book was published in 1988! From the clever little Matilda to the kind Miss Honey and of course the scary principal Trunchbull, every character in this book manages to work like magic and stays with the reader long after the book has ended. The battle of good v/s evil, showing courage in the face of hardship and being true to yourself – these are some of the complex themes that the book introduces with great simplicity and ease.

NFKs take away from the book – We live in a hyper connected era where children face immense pressures and often feel isolated. Matilda’s most powerful take away is perhaps having the ability to love and accept oneself as one is. It is the story of a 5-year-old genius who is a misfit at home and awkward at school, feeling comfortable only amongst her books. Yet, step-by-step she recognizes the magic hidden within her, hones her skill and uses it to change the world around her. The author uses this fabulous analogy to explain that if we tap the magic within each one of us, we can change our circumstances and create our own happy narrative of life.

For ages – 7-9 but we recommend this as an inspiring read for all age groups, including parents.

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