When is BX2016?

BX2016 will take place on June 6 and 7, 2016 at Harvard University.

Who will be at BX2016?

You can see our growing list of speakers here. A key part of BX2016 will be enabling collaboration between attendees, and we will be in touch before the event with a list of participants and details that will facilitate connections at the conference and beyond.

What will the content of BX2016 include?

BX2016 aims to bring together leading experts in the field, as well as emerging academics and practitioners, to explore new and innovative ideas in behavioral science and policy. This event will be a “deep dive” into exciting innovations in the field of behavioral science, and is designed to expose attendees to fresh ideas, new collaborators and partners, and important considerations on the future of this growing field.

Topics will include:

  • Evidence-informed approach to policy-making.
  • Local and regional government innovation.
  • Responses to criticisms of behavioral science, its limitations, and generalizability.
  • Best practices and lessons learned from the field.
  • New emerging research from areas such as charitable giving, diversity, development, education, environment, law and criminal justice, organizational behavior, public health, and more.

The full agenda will be released in advance of the conference in spring of 2016.

When will registration open?

Registration will open on January 15, 2016. Tickets will be sold until we reach capacity.

How much will tickets cost?

Tickets will cost $500 for government and non-profit attendees, and $1,000 for private sector attendees. There is no fee for student attendees.

Are group tickets available?

Group tickets are not available for BX2016. Attendees must purchase tickets on an individual basis.