Dance to Your Own Tune!

Dance to Your Own Tune!

Dance – the only way to find yourself and lose yourself at the same time.

Dance is an art, an escape, a workout, a discipline and a form of expression all at once. From Bharatnatyam to the Flamenco, Salsa to Garba – dance in all its various forms is practiced and loved by millions across the world. Dance is also one of the few forms of physical exercise that is equally beneficial and recommended for everyone – from grandparents to parents, teens, tweens and even young children. For children, dancing from a young age promotes healthy body growth, improves body posture, body language and hand-eye coordination. 

On the occasion of World Dance Day we give you many more reasons why you should nudge your child learn dancing. 

When is world dance day? 

  1. Builds confidence – From prom to weddings, parties and more, dancing is an important part of several social activities as your child grows older. Formal training in a dance form helps them be comfortable in their own skin and be confident about the way they look, move and feel within their own body. After all they don’t say ‘Dance like no one is watching,’ for nothing. 
  2. Teaches dedication & discipline – There is no better way to learn the value of dedication, discipline and hard work then to devote yourself to a specific dance form. Dancers eat right, exercise well and follow a fixed routine to be able to make time to follow their passion on a daily basis. Now if that isn’t every parents dream, what is? 
  3. Promotes teamwork – It takes two to tango and a team to line dance. Several dance forms and dance routine require understanding your partner’s movements and building a rapport with your team members to dance together as a unit of two or more. Dance thus helps your child develop into a team player, a quality that proves hugely beneficial to them in their adult life. 
  4. Endorses the spirit of learning – Like most creatives, dancers believe in learning and growing all their lives. Since a young age they have in them the spirit to be lifelong students and are willing to work on their constantly evolving art form. This same spirit of learning to keep growing extends into other aspects of their personal and professional lives as well. 

Do you remember your best dance performace on stage? Or which song you loved dancing to as a child? Does your child enjoy dancing like no one’s watching? Share your dance story with us on Team NFK will share the best stories all this month on our social media handles and celebrate the spirit of World Dance Day with the NFK community. 

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