Dad’s you are ROLE MODELS! Do it yourself…

Dad’s you are ROLE MODELS! Do it yourself…

by Niyati Mehta

Dad’s, it’s time for some modeling! always MODEL and stay in tune with your KIDS!

No, not on the runway but for your children. I know every Dad wants to teach their children  good values and habits. Every effort is in their direction. But remember that children connect visually very strongly and constantly are watching every action and movement. Doing them yourself always will help this reflect on your child.

These NUDGES are slow but the impact is long lasting. Don’t give up. Patience, endurance, style, habit, behavior, consistency all required for modeling are the key aspects. The training can start anytime within you DAD but do not stop is the key to the door for your kids future room.

It will help. Anything and everything you want as a behavior, habit in your child have the motto

“DO IT YOURSELF and it will be seen that its getting done sooner or later”


want habit of reading: READ YOURSELF

EXCERCISING and her it goes


any HOBBIES even if you do not know try to be involved, part of it