Cultivating Kindness

Cultivating Kindness

Kindness they say can make a bad day good, and a good day better. At NFK we believe kindness is undervalued human quality that needs to be carefully and lovingly ingrained into your child. It can’t be enforced or taught like a lesson. Here are some fun kindness themed activities you can do with young children :

  1. The kind word chain game – Tell your child and their friends to sit around the table. Ask the first child in the group to say “We will be…” and use a positive quality to describe themselves. Going around circle each child will need to repeat the first word of kindness and add another word of their own, eventually forming a chain of kindness themed words. 

NFK says – This game encourages and endorses kindness in peer groups, making this quality more relevant to children. 

2.Make appreciation notes to family

Nudge your family to pen down appreciation notes for each other, whenever they believe another family member deserves appreciation. After all who doesn’t like to be told how cherished they are?

NFK says – This nudge encourages the idea of being 360 degree kind person – kind in words, actions and deeds.

 3.Happy & Sad monster game 

Set up a happy and sad monster cut out in your living room. Each time a family member feels happy or hurt because of someone else’s action, feed a fake coin to the one monster that reflects their emotion. At the end of the week see whether the happy or sad monster has maximum coins and have a chat with your family members of how you can all be kinder, more empathetic to one another.

NFK says – This nudge encourages a dialogue and discussion on the various aspects of kindness, prompting children to ask questions, explore and understand this complex emotion.