Conserve Energy Nudge by Closing the Refrigerator Door

Conserve Energy Nudge by Closing the Refrigerator Door

by Kaelan O’Fallon

A smart way to create a sustainable home is to conserve energy. Using less power from electronics and appliances is good for both the environment and your bank account. However, children often forget to power off. Perhaps one of the most frustrating culprits is the refrigerator.

When kids (and adults) leave the fridge open, it has to work harder to keep the food inside cold, thus spending much more energy, not to mention risking your food spoiling. A simple visual can nudge your family to keep that refrigerator closed.

The nudge: an image placed across the gap between the doors of your refrigerator

The image can be two favorite characters, a family photo, or a simple shape such as a heart.

Print or draw the image, then cut a line down the middle.

Tape each half on a different side of the refrigerator doors. 

When the doors are open, the picture is separated, but when the doors are closed, the picture is complete!