What is a commitment nudge? Parents can use this visual creation….

What is a commitment nudge? Parents can use this visual creation….

by Chronis Lalas

Kids had a lot of spare time during the summer holidays and their routine was quite more disorganized than after the start of the academic year.

Now, they have to do their homework, help with the house chores and, also, attend to their hobbies. Not to mention, the productive family time!

Keeping all that in mind, we could nudge our children in order to make them comply with homework and be creative, as well.

We are going to accomplish that with a commitment nudge.

What’s that you ask? Let’s see:

First, make a board for every week with all the household ‘chores’ your kids have to do. They should pick a hore every morning (or midday, or the night before, you choose!) and write it down inthe board.

For example:

“Today I’m going to clean my room”
                                                -Ted (and something like a signature)

As human beings, we seek to be consistent with our promises and we also hate to be called liars. That’s why this nudge is going to work, perfectly!

In order to make the whole process more purposeful for the kids, they could also pick a funny/desirable activity to write in the board after their first commitment.

Last but not least, parents, who act like role models in their family, will have to make their own commitments, as well, because: