Can’t figure out what to tell your kids to make them turn off the lights? I can relate.

Can’t figure out what to tell your kids to make them turn off the lights? I can relate.

by Niyati Mehta

Mom and Dad always end up looking like the bad guys!

As parents, we always want to please our children and keep them happy – but in doing so, we can’t forget the basic habits that we absolutely must instill in our kids. We have to undertake an approach, which subtly enforces the habit on your child, and at the same time making it a fun and memorable experience. That way, NO one is the bad guy!

It’s essential to teach our kids in the friendliest, most entertaining and happiest way possible – and to do just that; we’ve come up with these fun “Fish in the Bowl” cutouts.

Things they relate to easily fascinate our children. So, the only way to make them care about the dimmer is to add an element they find intriguing. Here’s where the cutouts come in the picture.

All we have to do is simple make them realize the importance of ensuring that the fish stays in the bowl by phrasing the same in a way that they will connect with best. We simple nudge them to do the right thing!

For instance: “Jim, did you leave fishy all alone again?”

Or even positive connotations like: “Talia, make sure even the fishy is eating her food in her bowl when you come down for dinner!”

Fish Bowl Light Switch Template Assembly Instructions

1.To get started:

  1. a) The printed out provided template.
  2. b) Scissors to cut the dotted lines.
  3. c) Thread (any color but should be durable and thicker than common sewing thread).
  4. d) Clear tape or masking tape or double sided tape.
  1. Making the “fish”:
  2. a) Cut along the dotted lines around both the blue and multi-color fishes.
  3. b) There is a small black dotted circular shape on the fish; punch this with a sharp object or pencil so a hole is made.
  4. c) Pass the thread through the punched hole in the fish.
  5. d) Tie the thread, which was passed through the hole, around the dimmer’s up and down oriented sliding switch.
  6. e) Adjust the thread so that when the light is on the mouth of the fish is outside the fish bowl and when the dimmer switch slides down then the fish fits inside the bowl.
  1. “Fish bowl” creation:
  2. a) Cut along the dotted lines around the fish bowl.
  3. b) Roll the clear or other tape so that both sides are sticky.
  4. c) Stick it behind the fish bowl.
  5. d) Stick the fish bowl 1/4” below the dimmer switch plate.
  1. Tell your children, “while leaving the room put the fishy inside the bowl”, and, “help the fish be with his friends inside the bowl when you leave the room”.

If you’ve better nudging ideas, then write to us.

Fish BowlBlue fishMulticolored fish