The Score Board Game (Nudge for Better Sleep Habits)

The Score Board Game (Nudge for Better Sleep Habits)

by Chronis Lalas

After summertime, a lot of children have trouble adjusting to the new program routine and it’s sleeping habits! That makes them less energetic in school and less productive in the rest of  the day.

The solution to that problem will come by setting a sleeping habit. And that  setting will come by nudging!

Kids play video games because they want to win something (in that game). What they lose, the same time, is sleep and energy to make some more productive things.

What if they have something to lose, something more evident?

Score Board Game Nudge

The game nudge:

Design a board in their room, which you fill in with a point, every night, when they sleep on time and fill out one when they don’t.

When they gather a certain amount of points, they will gain a reward. That will give them the incentive to fall in their beds on time!

P.s. Don’t forget to begin the game with some points (instead of zero points) because, based on Behavioral Science, that will make them feel like they are closer to their goal than they really are!