A BirthDAY to Remember

A BirthDAY to Remember

Birthdays were once a time of celebration and gathering for friends and family. It was simply about decorating your home, making your child’s favourite dishes and playing some fun games so children could get together with their loved ones to have a blast. 

Over the years children’s birthday celebrations have slowly become more and more extravagant. A fancy venue, themed party ideas, appropriate decoration, getting the caterers in to design a scrumptious yet healthy kids’ menu – every parent wants to do it all. Your child expects a great party, not to mention has a list of gifts ready that he/she wants from you and all his/her friends. 

That’s why birthday celebrations often become the cause of contention and insecurity between children and their peers. This new year let’s nudge our children and ourselves to change the way we celebrate birthdays. Let’s make it all about getting together to truly celebrate and share some joy, minus any competition or contention. 

Here’s how you can make a start:

  1. Make it Gift Free – Yes, it’s possible and not to mention a great nudge to teach your child that there is something like having too much of everything. Start by mentioning a ‘no gifts’ party on your invite and prepare your child for the same so that they don’t experience any disappointment on their big day. 

Nudge tip – A great way to do this is to tell your child that all his friends and family will be bringing ‘blessings’ for him/her. When your guests enter the party, ask them to write down the blessing for your child and place it in a decorated jar which he/she can then read (instead of opening the gifts) after the party. 

  1. A Good Old Bash – Forget themed parties, bespoke invites and a fancy décor. Give your child a party right at home just like your parents did for you.  Have a loot bag, a simple snacks menu and some old games such as musical chairs, four corners or passing the parcel. 

Nudge tip – This is a wonderful nudge to show your child that sometimes joy and happiness comes from the simplest gatherings and celebrations. Show him/her that birthdays are about more than just fancy gatherings and grand gifts. 

  1. A birthday with a Cause – Try making your child’s birthday celebration fun and meaningful by planning a party with a cause. You could get all his/her friends to participate in a fun clean-up drive at the local beach. Or organize a fun birthday bash, complete with food and games at an old age home or orphanage in the vicinity.  

Nudge tip – This is a perfect nudge to help children count their blessings in life and help them understand that joy, when shared with others, multiplies and becomes bigger. Celebrations, beyond taking and receiving, are all about spreading this joy.   

Have any other birthday celebration ideas you’d like to share with us? We would love to hear from you on our social media handles or you could write in to us at _______ . 

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