3 Ways to Nudge your Kids to Give to Charity (part 1)

3 Ways to Nudge your Kids to Give to Charity (part 1)

by Chronis Lalas

One month left to say goodbye to another year full of happiness, parties, family gatherings and delicious foods! But one month left, also, to say goodbye to a year full of wars, poverty, terrorism and fear!

We live in a world that kids own more materialistic things than they ever had in human history. Most of these kids do not learn the values of sharing and giving from a young age, thus they grow old with a hyperbolic ‘ego’, while they ignore the fact that sharing and giving means caring!

When someone makes a research about the current behavior of kids that live in developed countries, he/she can realise that they are uninformed about the importance of giving to a charity, instead, kids compete with their friends and siblings about who owns more things than the other!

That’s the reason why we will use Behavioral Science to Nudge kids in order to give more to charities!

  1. The Charity Piggy Bank

Bases on the effect of Mental Accounting, people tend to treat money in a different way when they give them names or attributes, and thus they use them relatively.

Parents could use a separate piggy bank which with a name such as ‘Helping the poor’ or ‘Sharing is caring’. The weekly or monthly money that will end up in that will be donated to charities and in that way kids will learn to give to charities from a young age!


To be continued next week…


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