3 ways parents can nudge kids towards a healthy diet

3 ways parents can nudge kids towards a healthy diet

by Niyati Mehta3 ways to nudge kids towards a healthy diet.

As a parent myself, I never forbided my children from consuming junk food. But, I wanted them to know how bad junk food is for their health and body, so that they can enjoy it, in small quantities, though!

I strongly believe that parents are not military generals. They don’t want to keep on saying no and overload their children with healthy food. Believe me, I am talking about healthy food. Giving some different taste might be needed with pier pressure growing up. This is a parents voice and confusion and concern that I am speaking.

I believe to construct nudges taking our routine life into considerations which will have triggers, biases and supportive elements. But what’s the use if NFK nudges are not designed for easy implementation and smooth family functioning.

That’s why I came up with 3 nudges to create a balance in my family and today I want to share them with you:

  1. Arrange the food of cabinets, drawers and refrigerators with healthy food in the front tiers and tempting unhealthy food on the back.
  2. Reverse the packets: teenagers will tend to read.
  3. Spend some more time to make children’s meals more appealing.
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